Results don’t lie

In the health space, in particular, too many people play to too many agendas and vomit their inconclusive biases in studies with data that lacks consideration for every conceivable variable. To do this would almost be impossible or at the very least cost prohibitive.

So, what are we left with? Many unknowns that could give us the answers we desire and need to make an informed decision based on all of facts/data rather than partial which could affect our health or the goals we’re trying to reach.

Headlines are sensational and confuse those who’ve benefitted from their way of thinking and living. With partial or minimal data and sample size studies (subjects in a study) being spewed all over magazines, newspapers and the net, it leaves some people to question their choices, while others feel paralyzed as if they cannot do anything right, so they give up trying to be healthy.

I’ve done my best, in many ways with many diverse guests these twenty years on the radio to express and expose the truth about health without the mainstream fluff or infomercial push.

I too, at times, want to simply give up due to what I read and then begin to question more than continue on my proven path.

What keeps me on my path is the mindset, “results don’t lie.” My blood work is very healthy which tells me the supplements I take, the food I ingest and how I exercise works.

In today’s episode, Dr. Webster and I will discuss the ever so controversial coconut oil and its supposed dangers.

Planks how the notion of holding them for long periods of time are beneficial or will somehow flatten your belly.

And here’s another kicker for ya. By now most of us have heard that gut bacteria have been shown to play a major role in health and disease. Many studies of probiotics found an underwhelming impact. However, if probiotics are given and the person’s diet doesn’t promote their growth, other bacteria will outcompete them and the health benefits you’re supposed to receive will be lost.

While some news headlines have said supplements are not healthy, or beneficial and others praise them, what’s missing is the entire story such as I mentioned above about the importance of nurturing the probiotics you consume with a diet that promotes their ability to do the very thing you want them to. Promote health. But we don’t see that, we’re only told of their inability to work and so most take it as the end-all-be-all without further looking into it.


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