Pain is a massive problem that affects 125 million Americans who are spending close to $300 billion on pills, pot, procedures and natural remedies to find relief. 

åDid you know there are diet and lifestyle changes as well as natural remedies that can help pain sufferers get relief from some of the three most common pain complaints, reducing reliance on heavy sedative medication that has potential side effects?

What’s odd, yet positive about this show is how some Md’s in the medical community are doing their research and stepping out from the narrow-minded ways they were taught in medical school.

What’s really interesting is the information about certain nutrients and supplements mentioned in this show is not new information. It’s at least 30 yrs old. 

So why bother with this show? The flexibility of some doctors who are open-minded to something other than writing a prescription.

There are still too many doctors who dismiss the power of nutrients whether they come in food or supplement form. 

Having MD’s on the show discussing these benefits as if it were their idea is both fun as well as beneficial for other MD’s who may be stuck in their old, outdated one way of looking at an issue focus.

It also opens discussion for MD’s who lose a fighting battle with insurance company’s which keeps the doctor on the same old path just so they can make a living.

This is one of the reasons doctors are doing their research and adopting more natural methods the nutrition community has known to be beneficial for decades.

  • Muscle pain: Tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries are the most common causes of muscle pain. A JAMA study reported the diseases with the largest number of years lived with disability in 2010 were low back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders including neck pain.
  • Joint pain: Damage to the joints from disease or injury can cause pain in the form of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, sprains, strains and other injuries. Age and injuries can increase your risk of joint pain.
  • Head pain: This pain can come in the form of migraines, tension-type and cluster headaches. Causes of headaches include fatigue, sleep deprivation, stress, side effects of medications, viral infections, head injury, common colds, and dental or sinus issues.
  1. Who is to blame for the pain problem in America? Is it the fault of doctors, patients or both?
  2. What is contributing to the misuse of pain medications in America?
  3. How can common muscle pain problems be addressed through diet, natural remedies and lifestyle changes?
  4. What are some herbs and oils that can be used to relieve head pain?
  5. What sort of questions should you ask your doctor before accepting a prescription for a painkiller?
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