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In this episode we discuss the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) published in The Lancet found an association between saturated fat and living longer.

Also, is our choice in food killing our economy and Aging is the number 1 killer around the globe.

Lobbyists are making good progress towards classifying aging as a disease. Now let’s see, what is their incentive to classify age as a disease?

Could it be for yet another up and coming medication that will be marketed in a way that makes us feel even more broken having to rely on big pharma to keep us alive?

Saturated fats have been controversial for decades. Doctors tell us to limit saturated fat, but a recent study has many people questioning their advice.

Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study published in The Lancet found an association between saturated fat and living longer.

135,000 people from 21 different countries were questioned over a seven-year period specifically focused on diet.

Researchers recorded how many subjects died from heart disease, stroke, or another cause. They looked at how total fat intake, and intake of one of three types of fat (monounsaturated, saturated, polyunsaturated) related to mortality.

In each case eating more of the particular type of fat was associated with lower mortality. Higher saturated fat intake was associated with a lower stroke risk—another point for team sat fat.

Now before we go further, let’s get something straight for those of you who want to poo poo this study based on subjective Q&A.

Saturated fat and sugar combined (daily) are killers. Notice this article doesn’t say anything about sugar. It credits saturated fat for living longer, but that’s not the whole story.

People often take information like this and run with it. But it would be a mistake if those who rely on information showing benefit from any food or medication without taking into consideration the many other variables that affect our health.

Saturated fats mostly come from animal foods. We’ve all been beaten over the head about how they raise LDL (supposed bad) cholesterol levels.

Recently, and yet again coconut oil has been beaten up in the press since it’s high in saturated. One of those variables I mentioned earlier is the fat in coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides. The C8 in coconut oil and other MCT oils quickly use that fat for fuel. My favorite MCT oil www.ketomct.com

According to the PURE study, research shows other countries where nutrition patterns are different, there’s no need to be so restrictive. But notice what they left out. There is no mention of Ritz Crackers, Gold Fish, Lays chips or Tasty Cakes.

Current guidelines recommend a low-fat diet (< 30 percent of energy) and limiting saturated fatty acids to less than 10 percent of energy intake by replacing them with unsaturated fatty acids,” they wrote.

So, while adding more sat fat could be beneficial if we add it to an existing sugar, cracker, dead-food lifestyle we are speeding up the dying process and poor quality of life along the way.

So why was more saturated fat associated with a longer life? Dairy provides vitamin D, magnesium, and protein, and red meat, a lot of protein and different vitamins and minerals important for bone health.  Adding more saturated fats can have a different result for some people from a genetic focus.

If you fed saturated fat to a starving population you inevitably lower their risk of mortality because you’re giving starving people, the calories they need to survive. Conversely, if you provided a constant source of Ritz Crackers, Gold Fish or Tasty Cakes they could also live longer merely due to consistent calorie consumption. Of course quality of life will eventually be compromised, but not as soon as if they lacked food to survive.

Are there pros and cons of saturated fat? Or are we advising people wrongly based on lack of individuality and the many variables needed to identify the best course of action  rather than a blanket statement?

When we visit a doctor, or financial advisor, we believe or expect their advice to be specific to our needs.

Not solely based on what others are doing at the time.



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