10 Outdated-Ineffective Fitness Mistakes

Scott Bale is a master trainer, which he defines. We discuss the movements and mentality of the exerciser who lacks results. Many deal with chronic pain, due to exercising the way they did when they were young, and being resistant to change. They often never connect the movement to the affected area. Scott’s website is http://scottbale.com.

In addition, Scott shares who specifically needs corrective exercise. How does corrective exercise affect performance enhancement?

Here are the 10 mistakes we discuss in detail.

  1. Performing exercises with less than optimal form
  2. Only training in one plane of motion
  3. Limit exercise to strength training machines that do not translate into real-world movements
  4. Isolation movements – glutes on a butt blaster machine, your quadriceps on a leg extension machine, and your hamstrings on a leg curl. We discuss why you should train movements, not muscles.
  5. Working through the pain -If the adjustments don’t help, you may need to eliminate that exercise. How do you identify which exercise it is?
  6. Following the latest diet that worked for your friend
  7. Doing the same workout routine year after year often results in the same results. We discuss what the 5 phases of training are. Most are unaware of their importance and how they affect results.
  8. Training the wrong abs the wrong way – Many people spend countless hours in the gym performing exercises for the rectus abdominis (the six pack) by doing tons of sit-ups and crunches. How’s that workin for ya? Which ab muscles do you need to activate and why?
  9. Why so many people are still stuck on the belief they need to be in an aerobic zone to do cardiovascular training
  10. Stretching- should we do it? If so, when and why are so many stretching the wrong muscles to alleviate pain or gain ROM(range of motion)



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